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As Millions of Ugandans celebrate Eid today, Ministry of Health is holding a family Planning Conference at the Serena. according to the official invitation, Mr. Museveni is the Chief Guest. In a text message sent to invitees, the ministry states in part; “….although Monday will be Eid, the conference will go ahead as planned…”

This is not the first time that Ugandan Muslims have been treated at third class citizens. A UNEB paper was set on Eid.

I fail to see a strong reason for holding a national event on a Public Holiday. Still, I think Uganda’s Muslims deserve some explanation form the highest office.


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Does Israel have the right to attack Gazans to protect itself?


As mentioned before, by no means are all Gazans Hamas members; those involved in rocket launching belong mainly to the military wing of Hamas that is at most 10,000 men, according to some Israeli sources.

Israeli raids in Gaza, claimed to be directed at rocket launchers, leave children, women, and elders dead with almost no noticeable affect on the frequency of rockets launching on Israel.

Collective punishment, including siege and raids, that does not differentiate between civilians and militants are clearly against international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israel’s early raids in Gaza were described by the UN as war crimes. “It violates one of the basic principles of international humanitarian law that military action must distinguish between military and civilian targets,” John Dugard, UN special rapporteur on the human rights situation in the occupied territories, said.

Is the current siege effective in halting the missile attacks over Israelis?


Before using siege as a strategy to halt the rocket firing on the Israeli areas near the Gaza boarders, Israel was implementing direct air strikes on the areas where rocket-launchers were believed to be hiding. The older policy proved its failure and Israel was forced to find some new effective tactics to control Hamas.

Of the main indications of Israel’s failure in the old tactics was the fact that strikes were increasingly killing civilians, which led to the rising sympathy with Hamas and resistance in general among Palestinians. Under the siege strategy, figures still show the popularity for Hamas; plus, rockets are still being launched towards Israel. In fact, Hamas has been able to develop more advanced operations that drove the confrontation inside Israel.

On April 19, 2008, Hamas underwent an operation near the southern end of Gaza injuring 13 Israeli soldiers. “This is a far more complex attack than the incident in which Cpl. Gilad Shalit was captured,” said an Israeli spokesman, referring to a soldier captured in June 2006 by Palestinian fighters in a cross-border raid to use him as a bargaining chip to free Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

It seems that the only way out is for Israel to start talking to Hamas.

Yossi Sarid wrote in Haaretz, “The losses on the Palestinian side, mostly innocent civilians, will only increase solidarity and the willingness to sacrifice. Hamas rule will not be weakened; it certainly will not fall … There is no choice but to talk to Hamas, indirectly or directly, and without preconditions. On the agenda: a cessation of hostilities and a total, long-term halt.”

According to a survey published in Haaretz newspaper on February 27, 2008, most Israelis think their government should hold direct talks with Hamas to reach a ceasefire.

In conclusion to his 2008 visit to the Middle East, Carter, the architect of the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty, said, excluding Hamas “is just not working.”

Tens of Thousands Celebrate Eid-El-Fitri at the National Mosque


ok3Tens of thousands of Muslims today congregated at the National Mosque – UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala (where the National Prayers were held) to celebrate the Islamic annual festival of Eid-El-Fitri which is observed at the end of the Holy month of Ramadhan.

His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda led the national Eid prayers which were relayed live on the National Broadcaster – UBC and WBS Television respectively.

The Eid sermon was delivered by the 3rd Imam of the National Mosque Shk. Ali Juma Shiwuyo.

Shortly before leading the Eid Prayers, His Eminence the Mufti delivered his Eid message to the nation in which he urged Muslims to keep up the Ramadhan spirit of love, humility, patience, dedication and charity.
He said one of the purposes of the Holy Month of Ramadhan is to reawaken the spirit of righteousness among Muslims so that they are able to win Allah’s favour.

The Mufti also called upon all Muslims to be law abiding citizens, because lawlessness breeds insecurity and insecurity prevents a nation from developing.

At the international scene, the Mufti condemned the ongoing persecution of Muslims in different parts of the world. He singled out Palestine, Burma and Central African Republic where he said the world is looking on while Muslims are slaughtered and persecuted with impunity.ok

He appealed to Muslims around the world to pray for each other noting that, as always Allah remains the only dependable defender of Muslims in this turbulent world.

The Mufti also called for unity among Muslims as well as national unity urging all Muslims to rally behind the government leaders as the nation prepares for census and 2016 elections. He further reminded Muslims to endeavor to register for the national Identity during this ongoing exercise in their localities.

Among the notable figures present was Hon. Mariam Najjemba Mbabaali – Minister of State for Urban development, Hon. Muyanja Mbabaali, Owek. Muhamood Thobani from Mengo, Maj. Juma Seiko, Ms. Aisha Kabanda the RDC Kampala, the Presidential adviser Haji Tezikuba, Haji Hassan Nakabaale – Senior Private Secretary to H.E the Vice President of Uganda on Economic and Investment Affairs and many others.
While delivering the Eid sermon, Shk. Juma Ali Shiwuyo reiterated the Mufti’s call of Muslim unity noting that those who walk together go very far.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba.
UMBS member.

Kiwuwa Abbas’s Eid Experience in Italy


Thousands in Milan celebrate Idil fitri and what a coincidence only 24 hrs before Idi day a peace mandating leader the Pope chose to begin VEHEMENTLY sending out messages publicily condemning the ongoing masacres in the world, the indiscriminate shelling of Palestine among others.

And as of Idi prayers, still the Pope delegated to Milan his archibishop with a message of congraturations and call for a prayer for peace, a message that was read out before standing up for the Idi prayers which took place in open sports grounds. On their way back home, muslims peacefully brought traffic to a halt, and filled all public means, streets and shopings malls. If today Milan index quotes high on wall street, then will be thanks to the extra income generated from the muslims community goods and services flow. And visibily because Milan in the current Sale period, today, not as usual, opened the week not only with the George Armani, D&G, Versaci flock for shopping. Those style icons or their envoys are likely to have also sent their paparazzi to take record of the beautiful muslim crowd marching so as to prepare the best of their next style launch.
The picture in Kampala !
Though not realistically, but just to copy and kind of paste into Uganda a democracy for a moderate social integrity, I, uganda ministry of health on knowing of the Idil Fitir would have tried my best to suspended the conference on Family Planning. Counter-productive to use this very day and discuss family planning when muslim wifes and husbands look their best and are embracing their first day to freely, night & day quench the thirst they accumulated in a month, isn’t it !!
The minister and the speakers today if they met are most likely to have used the terms fertility, conception, population control, planning etc, and talked not in their favor, while at the same time in muslims households those very terms were being celebrated and consumed and may be this day’s occasion inducing to effetive additional conception planning, come what may.

Kiwuwa Abbas
People empowering People



‘Sometimes scholarly research is silly. At grad school, our professor asked us why there are almost no divorce cases among our Muslim brothers; we brainstormed the topic with answers varying from love, care, religion, obedience by wives etc and the guy laughed and laughed then told us that all our views were good but not correct.

We asked him to tell us why and he told us that he was dealing with graduate students, so he told us to research!

I am still researching but not getting any close. Can our Muslim relatives offer the answer, if allowed?’

Peter Simon Okurut
UAH member in New York



Brothers and Sisters,I was in Australia for the 2014 AIDS conference , in Melbourne. I stayed there until Maghrib 27th July 2014, when I broke my fast at the City Mosque on Jeffcott street and then set off for the airport.
While there, I prayed in several mosques in Melbourne and was impressed by the level of commitment of the Muslim community.

But in relation to this moon sighting, while praying Maghrib at 47 City Road, Melbourne on the 26th July 2014, the Imaam announced that the committee of Sheiks of Australia had announced 28th July 2014 as Idd day. So I left Melbourne very sure that Idd was Monday 28th July 2014.
On Reaching Doha, I asked one of the Sheiks (Clad in that white Islamic tunic, not sure he was a Sheik) whether it was Idd and he said he didn’t know!

Yesterday Tuesday 29th 2014 as I was driving on Northern-by-pass in Kampala, I saw the crescent moon up in the sky way beyond 8:00pm, probably 2-3 days old!!!

This all means that our brothers in Nigeria could have been very right,! The brothers in Australia could have made a wise guess and I am not sure whether in Uganda we saw the moon or followed some of the other Muslims.

My point is, we have moved far in technology (to know when the new moon is) and in leadership (to take responsibility and lead the Muslim masses). Is this some thing we can resolve and get leadership, on who should sit and when, to review the available information on moon sightings so that we can follow one line? This will also help in other forms of organization, especially with our non-Muslim brothers and leaders who would want to prepare in time for our request for recognition of Idd as a public holiday. A point in question here in Uganda is what has happened in the last three years, for example, to Muslim students who had to sit exams on Idd day. Could we tell UNEB the dates for Idd Adhuha now, so that as they set the time table they know?

One of you is going to preach to me on how the Prophet said that we have to see the moon first! Oh please….. don’t start! The prophet never used internet or the computer for communication. He never used the telephone. He never listened to the Radio or watched TV before declaring Idd. He never drove a car or flew in a plane. So if you are debating, please don’t urgue in that direction of keeping to the basics, I will not respond to you.

Dr.Hakim Ssendagire.
UMBS member and chairman Mulago mosque.



When a movement towards a good objective starts, it is difficult to stop it. Muggaga has improved the discipline of Lubiri students by simply getting them to learn how to be responsible. As a result the schools is doing very well. Assets have increased and the general out look is better than it used to be.
The issue of Religion is one of the most effective strategies one can use to get students think maturely, have love of each other and hope for a better future. Schools that that have used this trend are doing very well.This is strategic management If a school in the city, with a population of more than 5000 students brings up upright thinking citizens for this Country then that is a blessing.

IGG leave Lubiri and Muggaga alone

Hajji Jamil Ssebalu.

Unable to Pay Fidyah for Missed Fasts


If you have been advised by your doctor not to fast, then you should not fast, but you ought to give a fidyah (compensation) by parting with the equivalent of the cost of a meal to the poor for each day of fast you have missed—if your sickness is permanent and there is no hope for recovery. If, however, your condition is temporary and you have reasonable expectation to recover from your sickness, then you need not offer fidyah (compensation); rather you only need to make up for the days you have missed later on when you are in a condition to do so. Allah says: ( Whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, (let him fast the same) number of other days) (Al-Baqarah 2:185).

If, on the other hand, you do not hope to recover from your sickness, then you should offer fidyah if you can afford to. But if you cannot afford to pay because of lack of means, then you are excused.

Maintaining Fasting as a Habit After Ramadan


ndeed, it is a noble intention to sustain fasting as a habit after Ramadan. However, you might know that there are specific fastings that are recommended after Ramadan such as six days of Shawwal, three days every month (11, 12, 13 or 13, 14, 15), and Mondays and Thursdays throughtout the year.

You may consider performing one of these recommended fastings though we are allowed to fast without following a specific nafl recommended by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Finally, do seek the assistance of Almighty Allah in strengthening your faith and helping you to uphold His commands and duties.



DEMOA section of Muslim youths on Monday morning staged a peaceful demonstration in Kampala, Uganda’s capital to express their concern for the killing of Palestinians in Israel bomb attacks.

The youth, who first performed Eid ul-Fitr prayers at Nakivubo Stadium, carried placards and moved around the stadium protesting against Israel’s occupation of the Gazastrip.

Kampala city lord mayor Hajji Elias Lukwago who was also present at Nakivubo (for prayers) asked the newly elected UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa to prevail over Israel who he said was killing innocent civilians and this according to him tantamount to crimes against humanity.

Should Fasting the Six Days of Shawwal Be Consecutive?


It is certainly wrong to suggest that one must rest for three days to celebrate`Eid Al-Fitr, since `Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated only one day. The six days of Shawwal fast can, therefore, begin right after `Eid, i.e., on the second day of Shawwal. As a matter of fact, that is the position of many scholars. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan, and then follows it up by (fasting) six days of Shawwal, it is as though he has fasted the whole year.” (Reported by Muslim)

However, there are other scholars who do not consider it absolutely necessary to begin the optional fasting of six days of Shawwal immediately after `Eid Al-Fitr. According to them, one may fast any of the six days of Shawwal. Neither do they consider it necessary for a person to fast the six days consecutively. So long as one has fasted six days either consecutively or separately, he has fulfilled the requirement and he will receive the same rewards.

Both of the above cited views have been transmitted from reliable authorities of Fiqh. It is, therefore, simply a matter of interpretation. Since there is nothing in the sources explicitly stating that it must be done immediately after `Eid or that it must be done consecutively, it must be judged as being flexible.

We must recognize the fact that taysir (ease and latitude) is integral to the nature of the Shari`ah, and, therefore, we are not supposed to make something rigid unless it has already been made so.

Allah Almighty knows best.



Let us not sort this out the press. I disagree with the demand that it should be a public denial, this takes us right back into debating in the press. Fee abasiramu tetulina byama?!!??Those of you who have worked with the press know how the press can deliberately make “mistakes” to attract this kind of reaction. Can some one ask Haj Bulwadda to clarify before we eat up each other?You know there is a Young Men’s Association in Kibuli (or something like that), did the press mean this and not UMYA?

Muslims, let us tolerate each other, be more accommodative and be understanding before we boil. Our enemies want us to be like this exactly, but let us not give them fodder to feed on us.

Before you go viral on this forum about the 27 billion UG shillings, please cross check your sources. The print media is not perfect. Time and again some inaccuracies get published. We are not saying that a one purported individual at Kibuli Hill may not be in the know of what is happening. I stick to my sensitivity by not writing his name again here. It is true there is a Young Muslim Men Association of wealthy guys at Kibuli. Like brother Hakim wrote I am also not sure of the right name of this association. But the name has words that include “young , muslim and men”. This association used to be very active during the late Suleiman Kiggundu’s days. Some reason best known to the members the association has been quiet (or dormant) of recent.

Before you drag individual’s names down the drain the onus is on you or the the initiator of the allegation to get to the bottom of the facts. Using the media to get these facts may not be the best approach.

It was on this very forum that a one Sheikh was accused of having conned a wealthy lady from Arab countries of funds meant to construct a mosque. It was claimed that the mosque was never constructed. Unfortunately the accused Sheikh was not very forth coming. He maintained his stand and was not drawn into any discussion on this forum despite incessant provocations and probing. After several weeks of the story being discussed on this forum it emerged that actually the mosque was built and pictures were taken. The evidence was produced. Whereas the Arab lady’s concerns were addressed our muslim brother, the Sheikh (am sure) must have greatly been affected. It was not his problem that he did not have good public relations. And at the same time he did not owe any one us an explanation. One wonders whether our sister in the Arab land apologized to the Sheikh for the accusation she leveled against the Sheikh. At least the originator of that story on this forum convinced us that he apologized to the affected Sheikh after physically locating the Mosque. It is ALLAH (SWT) who knows whether the Sheikh actually forgave him. We humans will never know.

The onus is now on you brother Haroun and the originator of the story brother Immam Ksozi to establish the facts instead of going on the defensive that you are protecting the reputation of “UMYA”. If it is later established that that the print media misreported the facts then UMYA may come out more bruised. And you will owe the brother and the institution he serves an apology. No one is interested in a public apology. What counts is whether a person finds a place in his heart to forgive you should the allegations turn out to be a misrepresentation of facts.

It is a fact that most of us Muslim brothers have bad public relations. Many of us are not only shy but are also averse to the media. If a brother does not respond to you in the media do not be fooled to take it as admission of the allegation. And for a fact there are some of our brothers who will never respond to you in the media nor on this forum, just like the other Sheikh who was “terrorized” on this forum yet he had long discharged his duty.

Be open minded. Take care not to hurt other people’s feelings. Once hurt nothing can repair that ego except ALLAH (SWT). Take a minute and step back and reevaluate what you are doing. UMYA has has achieved so much that we are all proud of. But don’t let this allegation dent the good image of UMYA. Drop the pride and address the issue, ethically, professionally and squarely. With all the good will UMYA has, this is not an impossible task to accomplish.

Kindly do not turn this forum into an arena for settling scores. At least that is the impression some of you are already giving us. We already provided to you with an undesirable past experience where a Sheikh’s name was dragged down the drain on this forum for a mosque he had already built. Instead of pondering on that example and remain relevant you are sounding misplaced warnings!!!!

My simple advice to some of you is do your investigations well and we shall be glad to read from you about your findings. Otherwise your continued posts on this matter are just portraying the institution (UMYA) in bad light. Please be reminded that we all value UMYA very much. It is for that reason we are giving you unsolicitated advice.

Kindly respect this as a forum for humble intellectuals interested in discussing issues that will develop our community. We are more interested in discussing progressive ideas that will move us forward than engaging in rumors. Unless more facts come to light some of us are at the moment still treating your post as a rumor submitted in haste which merits no further response.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire.
UMBS member in USA



Messages of support for Palestinian children have been pouring from Hollywood celebrities after Selena Gomez, a 22-year-old actress and singer who featured in popular movies for kids and TV shows.

On July 18th, she attracted attention for a starkly different reason: an Instagram post that read: “It’s about humanity. Pray for Gaza.”

Facing anger over the social networks, she followed up on her post with another Instagram post that read: “And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!”

Jon Stewart is another American celebrity who voiced support to Gaza after the notion that civilians should evacuate Gaza as he was hosted by the “Daily Show”.

“Evacuate to where? Have you fucking seen Gaza? Israel blocked this border, Egypt blocked this border. What, are you supposed to swim for it?” he asked.

Rob Schneider, a movie star and comedian has sent out messages on Twitter deploring the impact that Israel’s assault has had on the civilians in Gaza.

“The ugly inhuman siege of Gaza has had it’s deadliest day today,” he wrote on July 20.

The next day, he said: “To not be outraged at the killing of children is to risk your very soul. #Gaza.”

Rosie O’Donnell, an American comedian, actress and author has also re-tweeted an ABC interview for Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi.

In the interview, Ashrawi describes the impact of the Israeli ground offensive on Gaza.

“It’s nothing short of a massacre, a deliberate massacre. War crimes committed daily. But now there is a deliberate shelling and bombing and destruction of whole areas, of residential areas,” she said.

Mia Farrow is another Hollywood actress who posted several message in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

The latest reads, “Ambulances are supposed to be protected in conflict zones but Israel has hit 10 and bombed 2 hospitals.”

The Avenger’s actor Mark Ruffalo has also tweeted several messages in support of Palestine.

On July 17, he tweeted: “Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients

On July 19, John Cusack tweeted this message: “I have been to Israel and Palestine &bombing civilians is not self defense.”

Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef, has commented on the Israeli bombing of Gaza beach in which four children from the same family saying, “Maybe it’s the fact that I walked on that beach—and have a small child that makes this photo so devastating. #Gaza.”

One Direction singer Zayn Malik weighed in on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by declaring his support for one side over the other with the tweet “#FreePalestine.”

Malik’s message received over 150,000 retweets, and has been “favorited” just as many times.

Israel has been launching relentless airstrikes against Gaza since July 8 where hundreds have been killed and injured.

In Uganda, most celebs are quiet about the issue. It is only the presidential communications Secretary, Sarah Kagingo, that has been sympathizing with the people of Gaza through her Facebook account.

10 Facts About Eid Ul Fitr


This year’s Eid Ul Fitr is expected to be celebrated on 28th of July 2014. So I planned to share some facts about this Eid.So Here we go:

1 Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated at the end of holy month of Ramadan on 1st Shawwal.

2 It is celebrated after sighting the moon of Shawwal.

3 Its not allowed to keep fast on day of Eid.

4 Its Sunnah to take bath and wear new dress on this day. If its not possible to wear new dress then you can wear old.

5 On the morning of this day a special Eid prayer is offered in open grounds by Muslims.

6 Before Eid prayer its necessary for every rich Muslim to give Fitra (money) to needy people.

7 It is celebrated once in a year.

8 Kids receives (Eidi) money from elders on this day. however there is no concept of Eidi In Islam.

9 People hugs each other three times while saying Eid Greetings.

10 delicious dishes are made in every home on this day. people also send sweet dishes to neighbors in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts about Eid. I would like to say Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims in advance.




This is a very good debate that should go beyond the school performances, and i want to bring in something called school environment and the teacher conduct.

Surely the debate for or against a “bootcamp” (style education and residence) especially parental separation that we had at such an early age can rage on indefinitely.What i know for certain is that facing tough or extremely desperate times (where we had zero choice) very early in life could have moulded us into “tough” people who can wither any storm or challenges especially from a mental perspective,needless to say; it was swim or sink and without life jackets. We were all made to feel equal and strategic advantages were pursued either in class or physical build (muscle) ; interestingly i wonder how we survived such times

i must say if you asked me to turn back the clock; i feel terrified yet not sure why,since i dont feel a sense of grievance compared to today’s kids getting killed by fires in crowded dormitories (tripple or quadruple deckers) at an alarming rate makes me feel we were rather lucky. The recent fires at Kibuli S.S, Kawempe Muslim Sec Sch, and others, is something that is still going on in my mind.

Apart from the kibokos in academics and discipline, the rest were rare cases like that putrefied cassava way back in 82.

Measles, mumps, chicken pox were isolated cases in the sick bay or taken to the school doctor.

Talking in the dormitory was against the school rules and the matron did the punishments.

We had good facilities, given maximum attention by the very good teachers and the best nurse.

My personal view is that those schools should have a more balanced approach to education, and also should all be co-educational, so that lads in their transformative years have a chance to develop more a meaningful interaction and understanding of the world in general.

I’ve had people complain about H/M Matovu’s approach at Kibuli S.S compared to former headmaster, Kawaase, and I think the social imperatives of education have been sacrificed; the only thing that matters now in most Muslim schools is either academic or sports (and occasionally music/drama) excellence.These schools should co-opt some of the namasagali balanced approach to educating youngsters – that encourages social skills, creativity, personal conviction, oratory.

Social skills are life and career enhancing skills as much as academic or sports excellence, even more so as one advances through middle to senior management roles (a nose for business opportunity/ entrepreneurship would be asking too much from products of such a regimented set up) The buddos of this world understand this better than the traditional catholic schools.

Afuwa Kasule.

Muslim schools fall, leaders seek answers


Written by Moses Talemwa

Over the last four years, one group of primary schools has consistently returned poor results in national examinations – Muslim-founded schools. The matter has confounded Muslim leaders, who last month met at Hotel Africana to find ways of reviving these schools’ fortunes.

These schools were founded to enable Muslim children obtain a secular education. Most of these schools are united under the Uganda Muslim Education Association (Umea). Imam Idd Kasozi, a lecturer at the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), says he has observed the problem for some time and is concerned.

“These schools have not survived the degeneration that has affected the other schools. Universal Primary Education [UPE] was a major setback for Muslims,” Kasozi says.

Prof Abasi Kiyimba of Makerere University agrees with Kasozi, explaining that many Muslim parents imagined that with the emergence of UPE, the government would take over Umea schools.

“In the past, Muslims used to raise money to support their schools, now you see a Muslim threatening to sue a head teacher for charging fees to buy their own children lunch,” he says.

Kasozi is also concerned that most Muslim-founded schools lack the requisite infrastructure, in stark comparison to their secular counterparts.

“Most don’t have instructional materials or any reading books for that matter. And they have the poorest quality of teachers … in fact, we get the leftovers who can’t be taken up elsewhere,” Kasozi adds.

He explains that school management committees at these schools are poorly constituted, as they don’t take into consideration the qualifications of the members.

“That is why it is easy for some head teachers to hijack these committees instead of working to improve the performance of these schools,” he explains.

In the 1970s and 80s, most Muslim-founded schools like Kibuli Demonstration School, Bwala in Masaka, Lukalu, Kabasanda, Kibibi in Butambala, Namagabi in Kayunga and Kawempe Muslim primary schools were doing very well with most students passing in first division.

Secondary schools like Kibuli SS, Gombe SS and Nabisunsa Girls School used to draw their senior one class from these schools. But head teachers there say Muslim-founded primary schools are now unable to send even one student on merit.

According to Kibuli SS head teacher, Hajji Ibrahim Matovu, Kibuli Demonstration School’s entire P7 class would be admitted into his school in the past, on the strength of their performance.

“Today, Kibuli SS draws most of its S1 students from other private schools,” he said. Prominent Muslim parents are sending their students to private schools started by Muslims, like KY Day and Boarding primary school in Masaka, Umar BA Islamic Centre in Mukono, King Fahad Islamic, Kawempe Junior in Kampala and Lukman primary school in Wakiso. It is these schools that feed Kibuli SS, Gombe SS and Nabisunsa Girls School.
Muslim education

Kiyimba, who has studied the history of education in Uganda, says the Kabaka’s palace was the first source of learning. The arrival of the Arab Muslim preachers in the 1830’s saw the first Islamic lessons also carried out there, under the instruction of Ahmed Bin Ibrahim and Snay Bin Amir.

Kabaka Suna II, who reigned at the time, was among the first converts and students. Later his successor Kabaka Muteesa I also converted and supported Islam.

“This activity transformed Buganda from a traditional society to [an Islamic state] … Muteesa ordered his chiefs to build Mosques throughout Buganda,” Kiyimba explains. The monarch banished dogs from his court, banned the eating of pork and drinking of alcohol, before making the holy fasting month of Ramadhan compulsory.

The Kabaka’s brother, Nuhu Mbogo, and his descendants Prince Badru Kakungulu (Mbogo’s son) and grandson Kassim Nakibinge have continued the tradition. All this would have made for an easy transition for Muslims to secular education.

However, the arrival of the Christian missionaries and later the colonialists changed everything. A new Kabaka, Daniel Mwanga was on the throne and he was hostile to Islam. Working with Christian missionaries and the colonialists, he turned the kingdom faith away from Islam, and helped establish secular schools, starting in the early 1900s.

Most Muslims were wary about these schools for fear their children would be converted away from Islam. This fear was enhanced in 1933, when Yusuf Kironde Lule (later Ugandan president) converted to the Anglican faith, while a student at King’s College Budo.

Lule was the son of Abdallah Kironde, an administrator of the Muslim education secretariat of the time.

“Many children were taken out of schools, with the caveat that they would rather become butchers and vehicle drivers than convert to the Anglican faith,”
But some Muslim families started Quranic schools or Madaris (plural for Madrasa) to provide an Islamic education for their children.

Such schools were to be found at Bwaise in Kampala, Tikkalu in (Bombo), Kabigi in Masaka, Katuumu in Bulemezi, Lukalu in Butambala and Arua in West Nile.

By this time, Muslims were not only missing out on school, the colonial government had marginalized Quranic schools. A budget statement from 1944 shows that out of the 134,000 British pounds allotted for the education sector, only 313 pounds went to Madaris.
Starting Umea

Concerned that a lot of Muslim children were missing out on an education, Prince Kakungulu started a campaign in 1944 to promote secular education in Quranic schools.

Later in 1947, Kakungulu started Umea and was its first president as well as chairman of its board of trustees. Ramathan Gava, Kakungulu’s former classmate at Budo was its secretary general. Other trustees were Hajji Musa Kasule, Juma Mugerwa, Musa Musoke, Sheikh Abdurahman Mivule and Amili Malende.

According to Kiyimba, the creation of Umea helped more students access education without the fear of conversion to Christianity. By this time, the number of schools run by Muslims had increased to include Kibuli, Kabasanda and later Bombo. Umea established a partnership with the East African Muslim Welfare Society, which helped these schools access funds.

“By the time the Obote I government took control of schools, Umea was running more than 180 full primary schools, eight junior secondary schools, one senior secondary school and one teacher training college,” Kiyimba adds, indicating that Muslims were making significant progress in education.

A 1991 census report shows that by 1968, some 49,000 Muslim students were in school out of the national enrolment of 632,162. Kasozi recalls that only two Muslims had ever obtained a university degree by 1962.
Idi Amin’s contribution

Idi Amin’s rise to the presidency in 1971 marked a second milestone for Muslims. In 1972, Amin started the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, which took over the running of all Muslim-founded institutions including Umea schools.

But most importantly, Amin supported the growth of several secondary and primary schools and later negotiated with several Islamic NGOs in the Arab world for scholarships for several Muslim students, a scheme that continues to this day.

In 1974, Amin travelled to Lahore in Pakistan for an Organisation of Islamic conference (OIC) meeting where he appealed for the establishment of the IUIU. The conference delegates were surprised by Amin’s insistence on it, but the dream finally came to life on February 10, 1988.

There are just two such institutions in Africa – one in Niger (for the francophone countries) and another in Uganda, headquartered at Mbale. The IUIU Spokesperson Shaban Lukooya, explains that the current Mbale headquarters had been slated for Arua, where Amin had set aside 5,000 acres for the project.

“However, before the project could take off, Amin’s government was overthrown and the subsequent Obote II administration relocated it to Mbale, where it was eventually built under President Museveni,” he explains.
Umea revival

Kiyimba and Kasozi agree that Umea should rise up and reassert itself if the Muslim schools are to be revived.

“Umea is a weak institution and needs to re-establish its financial base to monitor and supervise these schools, without resorting to fundraising from these same schools,” Kiyimba says.

For his part, Kasozi feels it is time to withdraw the schools from government control. “The Muslim community should take back these schools and help improve them,” he says.

Kiyimba adds that Umea should reinstate its inspectorate so that its officials can inspect these schools and ensure that the correct curriculum is followed and teachers are on duty.

Ultimately, Kasozi thinks the government ought to raise the standards of teachers, for learning to survive in Uganda.

“When I went to school, the most respected people in the area were teachers, but now they are the most demoralized … even the teachers’ colleges attract the poorest students, those who have completely failed to go anywhere,” he says. “Education is a service everyone needs and should not be left in the hands of individuals, who are primarily after money.”

Finally, both Kiyimba and Kasozi argue that differences between the UMSC leadership and Umea should be resolved quickly. Kiyimba, who has been involved in efforts to bridge relations between the bodies, is passionate about this.
“The mufti needs to be encouraged to allow the UMSC cede its education function to Umea so the council can maintain a supervisory role.” Crucially, Umea officials declined to comment in this story, with the chairperson Hajji Twaha Ddungu saying he was busy.




It is a pity that the American Foreign Secretary has announced an offer of 47M as humanitarian assistance to Palestine. This is very sarcastic.

Well, who is fooling who here? It is well known that Israel receives the biggest military aid in billions of dollars from USA more than any country in the world. Support to Egypt follows and both countries suffocating and stifling the Palestinians economically. USA further supplies the Israeli government with missiles, jet fighters, bombers and drones. The Americans then want the world to believe that they care about the Palestinians. If they really care one would ask what were the two Americans killed doing in the Israeli army. All this humanitarian assistance is just a PRO stint.

To me the Palestinians are involved in a just struggle and resistance. They have every right to the struggle and be free. Like a member already wrote on this forum; if you were confronted with a choice of choosing between being a slave and fighting to be free, one would choose to fight. Even if their infrastructure is destroyed and many of their children died in their thousands the Palestinians have only one choice and that is fight untill there is no man standing. Otherwise in this 21st century, no one should commit another to slavery and bondage.

Palestine deserves to be free like Africa broke free from the colonialists; like South Africa broke free from apartheid. USA and like minded countries never helped to break apartheid. It was the South Africans themselves, frontline states and possibly the communists that helped break apartheid. It is my since hope that the state of Israel realizes that their perceived dominance and dehumanization of the Palestine people will have to come to an end one or another. Their dominance can not be forever. And this end might come sooner than we can all expect.

Our thoughts are with the Palestinian families whose children have been killed and livelihoods destroyed for far too long. And we continue to pray that the ALMIGHTY ALLAH turns the tide on the war mongers, invaders, murderers, child killers, terrorists and their sponsors.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire.



Masha’Allah, former tour manager for top celebrity’s Br. George Green by the guidance of Allah swt became Muslim in 2012. He had the opportunity to perform Umrah in April 2012, and I think the following statement by him captured the moment where it all changed.

“As I walked into the masjid and headed towards the crowds of people staring at the Ka’ba, my emotions were uncontrollable. I burst into tears and began saying, ‘Allahu Akbar!’”

In this episode of The Deen Show George Green, a former tour manager for some of the famous celebrities world wide, shares his thoughts on his previous life versus life after Islam.

Letter from Gaza by Norwegian Doctor


Dearest friends,

The last night was extreme. The “ground invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying — all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza’s hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. Humans!

Now, once more treated like animals by “the most moral army in the world” (sic!).

My respect for the wounded is endless, in their contained determination in the midst of pain, agony and shock; my admiration for the staff and volunteers is endless, my closeness to the Palestinian sumud (Arabic for perseverance) gives me strength, although in glimpses I just want to scream, hold someone tight, cry, smell the skin and hair of the warm child, covered in blood, protect ourselves in an endless embrace — but we cannot afford that, nor can they.

Ashy grey faces — Oh No! Not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding, we still have lakes of blood on the floor in the ER, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out — oh — the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shoveling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes, cannulas — the leftovers from death — all taken away … to be prepared again, to be repeated all over.

More than 100 cases came to Shifa in the last 24 hours, enough for a large well trained hospital with everything; but here — almost nothing: no electricity, water, disposables, drugs, operating room tables, instruments, monitors — all rusted and as if taken from museums of yesterday’s hospitals. But they do not complain, these heroes. They get on with it, like warriors, head on, enormously resolute.

And as I write these words to you, alone, on a bed, my tears flow, the warm but useless tears of pain and grief, of anger and fear. This is not happening!

An then, just now, the orchestra of the Israeli war-machine starts its gruesome symphony again; just now: salvos of artillery from the navy boats just down on the shores, the roaring F16, the sickening drones (Arabic Zennanis, the hummers), and the cluttering Apaches. So much made in and paid by the US.

Mr. Obama, do you have a heart?

I invite you to spend one night, just one night, with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe.

I am convinced, 100 percent, it would change history.

Nobody with a heart and power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

But the heartless and merciless have done their calculations and planned another dahyia onslaught on Gaza.

The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death.

Please. Do what you can. This cannot continue.

By Dr. Mads Gilbert
Shifa Hospital — Gaza

The Trinity Led Me to Islam


My name is Roger Hadden, and I am originally from Dungannon in Northern Ireland.

I am a dentist currently working in England. I have lived in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and I am now based in England. I was raised as a Christian, and my parents are born-again Christians.

Although I was raised with the teachings of the Bible, I did not particularly adhere to its principles. I suppose I was like most British youth, in that I liked to have fun but maybe didn’t know where the limits were set.

While I did not practice any religion, I always believed that there was a God. I was scientifically minded, but realized that acknowledging there was a Big Bang did not necessarily rule out the possibility of there being a God who controlled and planned this event.

We could not have come out of nothing, and we did not create ourselves, so we must have been created.

I thought about God from time to time, but it never had a real impact on my heart. My first encounter with Islam I suppose was the media, but I tend not to judge people or things until I see or find out about them myself and hear both sides of the story.

When I went to university I met many Muslims. At that time we discussed religion a little, but I was not seriously thinking about becoming religious. My desires were too strong, so I just wanted to enjoy myself.

At that time, I knew that at some stage I would want to change my ways and become a Christian. I then would also want to find out about other religions and understand what makes people believe in them.

When I was in final year at university, I made plans to reform myself and become as my parents, a “born-again Christian”. So I started my research with reading the Bible.

The concept of the Trinity always bothered me, and it was my main aim to understand it. I remember as a child wanting to ask God for something. I was not sure whether to pray to God or to pray to Jesus. I decided to pray to God as I knew if He created everything, then He will hear me and help me.

I spoke to some ministers, and several attempts were made to explain the Trinity. None of them convinced me. I continued to read the Bible, searching for the truth.

Obviously I am not a scholar in the Christian religion but the Trinity issue bugged me. Why did the Old Testament prophets all pray to God and do righteous acts hoping for God’s forgiveness? Who did Jesus pray to?

There was no mention of the Trinity in the Old Testament, and many argue none in the New Testament. I knew God did not change, so there was a problem somewhere. I spoke to my friends at University. Some were Sikhs, Catholics, atheists, and some were Muslims.
When I found out that Islam commands the worship of One God, and not to make any partners with Him, I was very interested. I continued reading the Bible and Christian sources but also started reading some Islamic books.

I read that Muslims believe that God sent His message to mankind through different prophets since Adam the first man. All the prophets believed in only One God and they also believed that there was going to be a day of reckoning when everyone will be raised and judged.

I realized that this is what I believe, and what I thought the Bible was saying to me. I discussed things with my parents, and they were not too impressed. Within a couple of months by the grace of God I became a Muslim.

My conversion changed my life completely, and looking back, I know I made the correct decision, thank God. Instead of living my life in a selfish way pleasing my desires, I try now to help others and please my Lord. I have now been a Muslim for five years and I am still learning new and amazing things about the religion.

Every time I hear something “negative” about the religion, I get the issue explained to me and it turns out to be a very positive and beautiful thing. I am continuing to learn Arabic and the Quran.

In my career it has made me much more focused, and I now desire to do everything to my best ability. My friends at university are often surprised with regards to my change, especially relating to dentistry.

My parents believed I was brainwashed, and many of my friends thought, and still think, it is just a phase. As it has been over five years now, my parents know it is not just a phase.

I first told my parents that I was thinking of becoming a Muslim, and they told me that it was a “hate religion” and that I should not do it. But I was convinced, I was sure I had to do it. I did not want to be punished in the next life.

A few months later I took the best step and embraced Islam. The same day my Dad bought me a car, not as a conversion gift, rather, it was his kindness and it just happened to be on the same day.

Since university, I have always lived away from my parents but I try to visit them a couple of times a year. Overall though, I feel my relationship with my parents has improved, as I try to be good to them as God commands in the Quran.

I have moved on from university and lost contact with many of my friends, some I speak to now and again, but as with life, we keep moving on and old friends we see less of and new friends are made.

I am currently working as a dentist in the UK. I am working and doing a part time masters program. I am learning Arabic, and I regularly attend Islamic talks and seminars in order to increase my knowledge.

I am married to a very special lady and we have, by the grace of God a beautiful 1-year- old boy named Ismael (Ishmael from the Bible). We are trying to improve as Muslims, and we would like to travel abroad to a Muslim country.

Ideally we would both love to study Islam to a higher level, so we are looking for opportunities to fulfill this dream.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah Embraced Islam in 2011 and the actress was Inspired by Prophet’s Life


HATE2I embraced Islam after graduating from Cambridge. Prior to that I was a skeptical Catholic; a believer in God but with a mistrust of organized religion.

The Qur’an was pivotal for me. I first tried to approach it in anger, as part of an attempt to prove my Muslim friend wrong. Later I began reading it with a more open mind.

The opening of Al Fatiha, with its address to the whole of mankind, psychologically stopped me in my tracks. It spoke of previous scriptures in a way which I both recognized, but also differed. It clarified many of the doubts I had about Christianity. It made me an adult as I suddenly realized that my destiny and my actions had consequences for which I alone would now be held responsible.

In a world governed by relativism, it outlined objective moral truths and the foundation of morality. As someone who’d always had a keen interest in philosophy, the Qur’an felt like the culmination of all of this philosophical cogitation. It combined Kant, Hume, Sartre and Aristotle. It somehow managed to address and answer the deep philosophical questions posed over centuries of human existence and answer its most fundamental one, ‘why are we here?’

In the Prophet Muhammad, I recognized a man who was tasked with a momentous mission, like his predecessors, Moses, Jesus and Abraham. I had to pick apart much of the Orientalist libel surrounding him in order to obtain accurate information, since the historical relativism which people apply to some degree when studying other historical figures, is often completely absent, in what is a clear attempt to disparage his person.

I think many of my close friends thought I was going through another phase and would emerge from the other side unscathed, not realizing that the change was much more profound. Some of my closest friends did their best to support me and understand my decisions. I have remained very close to some of my childhood friends and through them I recognize the universality of the Divine message, as God’s values shine through in the good deeds any human does, Muslim or not.

I have never seen my conversion as a ‘reaction’ against, or an opposition to my culture. In contrast, it was a validation of what I’ve always thought was praiseworthy, whilst being a guidance for areas in need of improvement. I also found many mosques not particularly welcoming and found the rules and protocol confusing and stressful. I did not immediately identify with the Muslim community. I found many things odd and many attitudes perplexing. The attention given to the outward over the inward continues to trouble me deeply.

There is a need for a confident, articulate British Muslim identity which can contribute to the discussions of our time. Islam is not meant to be an alien religion, we shouldn’t feel like we’ve lost all trace of ourselves. Islam is a validation of the good in us and a means to rectify the bad. Islam is about always having balance and I think the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) message was fundamentally about having balance and equilibrium in all that we do.

The Prophet’s message was always that you repel bad with good that you always respond to evil with good and always remember that God loves justice so even when people are committing serious injustices against you, you have a moral responsibility and a moral obligation in front of God to always uphold justice and never yourself transgress those limits.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘Forgive him who wrongs you. Join him who cuts you off. Do good to him who does evil to you and speak the truth even if it be against yourself.’

Islam’s beauty really becomes to its own when it becomes manifest and it becomes manifest when you make it into a tool for the betterment of society, human kind and the world.

The ideal from an Islamic perspective is for ethics to become lived ethics, to become an applied body of values and not remain unfortunately as it often is cloistered in the mosque of somewhere which is some more divorced from reality.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah became popular when she was a child for acting in the 90’s hit film ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ Now she is gaining more popularity for being one of a growing number of educated middle class female converts to Islam in Britain.

She has recently contributed to a series of videos on Islam produced in the UK titled (Inspired by Muhammad).

I Was Taught to Hate Islam like many other non-Muslims


hateI was born in Athens, Greece , to Greek Orthodox parents.

My father’s family lived in Turkey, Istanbul for most of their lives, and my father was born and raised there.

They were wealthy, well–educated, and as most Christian Orthodox who lived in an Islamic country, they held on to their religion.

A time came when the Turkish government decided to kick the majority of Greek citizens out of Turkey and confiscate their wealth, houses, and businesses. So my father’s family had to return back to Greece empty-handed. This is what the Turkish Muslims did to them, and this validated, according to them, their hatred towards Islam.

My mother’s family was living on a Greek island just on the border between Greece and Turkey. During a Turkish attack, the Turks occupied the island, burnt their houses, and in order to survive, they escaped to the Greek mainland. Even more reason to hate the Turkish Muslims then!

Greece was for more than 400 years occupied by Turks, and we were taught to believe that for every crime committed towards the Greeks, Islam was responsible. The Turks were Muslims and their crimes were reflecting their religious beliefs.

This was actually a very wise plan of the Greek Orthodox Church (religion and politics in Greece are the same thing) to build hatred in the hearts of the Greeks against Islam, in order to protect their religion and prevent people from converting to Islam.

So for hundreds of years we were taught in our history and religious books to hate and make fun of the Islamic religion.

In our books, Islam was actually not a religion and Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not a prophet! He was just a very intelligent leader and politician who gathered rules and laws from the Jews and the Christians, added some of his own ideas and conquered the world.

At school, we were taught to make fun of him and of his wives or his Companions. All the “caricatures” and slander against him which are published today by the media were actually part of our lessons and our exams!

Alhamdulillah (thank God), Allah protected my heart, and hatred against Islam didn’t enter it.

Other Greeks have also succeeded to rid themselves of the burden of the Orthodox religious inheritance placed on their shoulders and they have opened, by the will of Allah, their eyes, ears, and hearts to see that Islam is a true religion sent by Allah, and Muhammad is a true prophet, and the seal of all prophets.

Muslims believe that Allah sent messengers to mankind as a guidance to them, starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Moses, and Jesus (peace be upon them all). But Allah’s final message was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It was a great help to me that both of my parents were not very religious themselves. They rarely practiced their religion and used to take me to church only during weddings or funerals.

What drove my father away from his religion was the corruption he was seeing daily among the priests.

How could these people preach for God and goodness, and at the same time steal from the church’s funds, buy villas, and own Mercedes cars, and spread homosexuality amongst them? Are these the righteous representatives of the religion who will guide us, correct us, and lead us closer to God? He was fed up with them and this led him to become an atheist.

The churches lost most of their followers, at least in my country, because of their actions. In Islam a sheikh or scholar of the religion helps and guides others with full passion and only with the desire to please Allah and earn their way to Paradise.

In Christianity to become a priest is a profitable occupation. This corruption “within” drives many young people away from the religion they were born with and leads them to search for something else.

As a teenager I loved to read a lot and I wasn’t really satisfied or convinced with Christianity. I had belief in God, fear and love for Him, but everything else confused me.

I started searching around but I never searched towards Islam (maybe due to the background I had against it).

So alhamdulillah He had mercy on my soul and guided me from darkness to light, from Hell to Paradise God willing.

He brought into my life my husband, a born Muslim, planted the seed of love into our hearts and led us to marriage without us really paying attention to the religious differences.

My husband was willing to answer any question I had concerning his religion, without humiliating my beliefs (no matter how wrong they were) and without ever putting any pressure on me or even asking me to change my religion.

After 3 years of being married, having the chance to know more about Islam and to read the noble Quran, as well as other religious books, I was convinced that there is no such a thing as a trinity, nor was Jesus God.

Muslims believe in One, Unique, Incomparable God, Who has no son, nor partner, and that none has the right to be worshipped but Him alone! No one shares His divinity, nor His attributes.

In the Quran Allah described Himself. He said:

{Say: He is God, the One. God, the eternally Besought of all! He begets not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.”} (112)

No one has the right to be invoked, supplicated, prayed to or shown any act of worship but Allah alone.

The religion of Islam is the acceptance of and obedience to the teachings of Allah which were revealed to His final Prophet Muhammad.

I became a Muslim, keeping it secret from my family and friends for many years. We lived with my husband in Greece trying to practice Islam, but it was extremely difficult, almost impossible.

In my home town there are no mosques, no access to Islamic studies, no people praying, or fasting, or women wearing hijab.

There are only some Muslim immigrants who came to Greece for a better financial future and who let the Western lifestyle attract them and eventually corrupt them. As a result, they do not follow their religion and they are completely lost.

It was incredibly difficult to perform our Islamic duties, especially for me, as I wasn’t born as a Muslim, and didn’t have an Islamic education.

My husband and I had to pray and fast with the use of calendars, no Adhan in our ears, and no Muslim community to support us. We felt that with each passing day we were stepping backwards. Our faith was decreasing and the wave was taking us.

So when my daughter was born, we decided, in order to save our own souls and our daughter’s, if God wills, we have to migrate to an Islamic country. We didn’t want to raise her in a western open environment where she would struggle to maintain her identity and might end up lost.

Thank Allah, He has guided us and gave us the chance to migrate to an Islamic country, where we can hear the sweet words of the Adhan, and we can increase our knowledge and love for Him, and our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

‘Dead Gaza Children Are Halal Meat’


A French politician has mocked the death of hundreds of Palestinian children in Gaza, comparing their mutilated corpses to “halal meat”.

“It’s halal meat, I suppose,” Jacques Renaud, the right wing deputy mayor affiliated to the UMP opposition, wrote on Twitter, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday, July 23.

“Great support to all the attacked Jews of France, we are in the 21st Century, a bit of humanity and civility would be welcome.”

The pro-Israel politician’s slur was posted as a comment on a photo of a decapitated Palestinian child that was sent by one of his Twitter followers.

The concept of halal, meaning permissible in Arabic, has traditionally been applied to food.

The 66-year-old politician post preceded a pro-Palestinian protest in Paris on Wednesday, July 23, that was attended by 25,000 people.

The two-week Israeli offensive in Gaza has sparked angry protests across Europe that have been attended by tens of thousands of Arabs, Pro-Palestinian activists, and right activists.

After protesters last weekend tried to storm two synagogues in the capital during a pro-Palestine rally, French police banned the pro-Palestinian protests in France.

The protests turned violent after being attacked by pro-Israel protesters who confronted Gaza march.

Though Wednesday’s protests went peacefully, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Thursday, July 24, that Saturday’s protests may be banned in case there were not enough “security guarantees”.

Here is my story on how I became Muslim!


revertMy name is Ethel Mae Blizzard, and I live in San Diego, California USA and here is my story on how I became Muslim.On June 8th, as I read I began to have tears in my eyes and could not believe what I was reading. I felt chills all over my body as I continued to read in The Religion of Truth. That night, I wrote in my book: “I believe” and dated it June 8th, 2007. This was on page 20.

I had uncontrollable tears in my eyes, and I could not understand why. My heart, my body, my soul felt different now. The way I thought, did things and the way I felt about people in general opened my mind up. I now knew I had to do something about this and I wanted to convert but did not know how.

So, within that week I was able to get a car, register and get insurance. The first place I wanted to go to was the mosque to see Sheikh Saad and ask him how do I convert to this religion, as I felt it very strongly in my heart.

On June 23, I showed up at the mosque. I went upstairs and saw some sisters talking to a couple of Christian women with Latifa, Aimag, Sharifa, Brittany McKnight and Bayann Gouda.

This is when I asked Sharifa what do I do to convert to this religion? I told her I was reading The Religion of Truth and now I wanted to convert to being a Muslim and did not know how.

I read the Testimony of Faith on page 65 of A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, and there with the sisters upstairs, I did my Shahadah in front of the girls in the Masjid. That night, June 23, 2007, I became an American Muslim.

I told her I came to see Sheikh Saad, she told me he was not there anymore. I was very upset as he was the one who I looked up to. It was Sheikh Saad who gave me these books, and I wanted him to know personally how happy I was.

The sisters called down to the office where there was brother Munir, Sheikh Muhammad and others to witness my Shahadah. We waited for the call to come down. Then that night on June 23rd, with Munir, Muhammad, Brittany, Sharifa and several other witnesses, I became a Muslim.

As far as my family goes, my mother, father, grandmother and grandfather have passed away. My brother and his 3 kids and Uncle Jr and my cousins are the only ones I have. I called up my Uncle Jr. and told him: “I wanted to tell you something, but don’t get mad ok.” He said: “Sure honey, what is it?”

I started off with how I used to be Mormon but did not believe in the Church and I have been searching for a religion for a long time. I then just said, I converted to Islam, and I am now a Muslim.

I was very surprised to his reaction as he had none. He was like: “Ok honey, I don’t care what you convert to, I still love ya.” I said: “Ok cool, I love you.” It was all good.

Now my brother on the other hand, is not so open minded to what I have done. I am sure my cousins have told him about me as I have not yet told him. I know his temper and don’t want to hear it from him.

I finally told my cousins by email as they are strong Mormon Church goers. She responded back to me with: “What? You deny Jesus Christ your savor!!!” She was not happy at all.

We did not communicate for some time until this year she emailed me Happy Easter in LARGE LETTERS. Just this week June 30, 2008 for the first time I sent her 3 pictures of me with my hijab on and copied and pasted information about Islam and what it means. I asked her to please understand. So far, I have not heard back from her regarding my pictures.

As far as friends are concerned, it seems my neighbor and I don’t talk as much as we used to or hang out at all anymore. My friend Christine and I don’t hang out at all now as she has not returned any of my calls.

I called her to go out and celebrate my birthday and have dinner back in May of this year 2008. The first question she asked was, “Are you still doing that Muslim thing?” I said: “Yes.” She then said: “Hey Ethel, let me call you back, ok?” she never did.

At one point one of my neighbors used red lipstick and wrote on my car when they saw me dressed in my abaya and scarf.



Dear Brothers and sisters,What is wrong with Kibibi SS Management? two days now they have deployed police men the students are in a worry, some have not done end of term exams simply because the teachers did not set . who can save the situation at this oldest institution at the end of the day the UMMA is the loser.

In 2010 politics took center stage when some politicians thought the administration there did not serve their interests. Accordingly some transfers were made on that basis and we are reaping the results. I did some inspection/investigations in this some and I was a parent in this school till last year. What is happening now is unfortunate?

Can politics be removed from our schools, both of parties and our ‘Islamic politics’/

Kibedi Nkuutu.

President MUSEVENI to Receive UMYA Seminar Report 2014


The organising comittee 2014 UMYA Ramadan seminars has compiled a complete report containing verbatim views and resolutions as presented , discussed and or resolved at the Umya ramadan seminars 2014 and years before. We now wish to push for state action as an advanced step of UMYA seminars now over 22 years

Among the most pursuading position is a proposed public/ direct and or face to face un biased and neutraly modelated debate with the head of state to get his take on multiple historic and current muslim demands and or expectations from the state and or succesive gorvernments for the republic of uganda. We have regulary engaged the opposition and now just proper to engage the one in power.

UMYA Ramadan seminar follow up with the head of state will mark the begining of direct muslim address of concerns with the state of uganda.

UMYA Seminar report will also be delivered to His highness the Kabaka of Buganda especially the segiment over misterious demolition of palace mosques to establish whether islam was by noble pronoucement banned in buganda

Other sections of the comunity including gorvenments , political organisations, e.t.c in the report will be duly notified of the muslim position and concerns as passed at the Umya ramadan seminars.

Tomorrow marks our last seminar for 2014 and we expect all readers of this mail to attend at kibuli ptc main hall starting 8:00am sharp.

This mail does not seek for views but to put you on notice. We do not document individual views but base only unanimous resolutions passed at the seminars. If you have a contraly view come tommorrow at the last ramadan seminar and give yours in public. You hereby notified before the seminars close.


Muwada Haroun.



WHILE making a maiden annual speach at Umya seminar today .imam iddi kasozi has raised concern over the kibuli Umsc council continued failure to produce and account to Umya over billions of money received by kibuli umsc through a one named HASSAN BULWADDA.

It was imam kasozis strong statement that the daily monitor released a story implicating kibuli umsc to have receieved money from one arab country.baharain. and or king allegedly in names of UMYA

Imam kasozi mentioned that UMYA leaders were never consulted and todate are not aware on how the money was got in its names .its way about and how it was used. Umya acordingly demaded for the said money for proper accountability over its coporate name lest UMYA is to invoke legal options.

It is alledged that one Hassan Bulwada based at kibuli umsc presented himself as the Umya leader and received money in its names which acording to newsreport was received by kibuli umsc.imam kasozi mentioned

UMYA has now stepped up efforts to clear its name of the mysterious money .imam mentioned that he contacted kibuli umsc for explanation but has not received a clear position todate .

This has been revealed at todays umya seminar.

Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza congratulates all Muslims upon fasting and completing the Holy month of Ramadhan


The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Director of Sharia Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza informs all Muslims in Uganda that the Moon has been sighted.This means that Eid-El-Fitri will be observed tomorrow Monday 28th July 2014.

Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza congratulates all Muslims upon fasting and completing the Holy month of Ramadhan. He also wishes all Muslims a happy Eid-El-Fitri and urges them to celebrate in line with the Islamic teachings. He also appeals to all those who fasted to pay Zakatul-Fitri before the Eid prayers and to fast the six days of Shawwal.

At the National Mosque – UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala, Eid-El-Fitri prayers will be celebrated at 9:00am and they will be led by His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje. The Eid-El-Fitri Khutuba (Sermon) will be delivered by the UMSC Director of Sharia and Imam National Mosque Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza.

You are advised to come early and to park your vehicles outside the National Mosque perimeter as usual. You are also requested to cooperate with security personnel because they are there for your own good.

Eid Mubarak

Haji Nsereko Mutumba.

Eid Mubarak to all UMBS members!


Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

Eid Al-Fitr will be tomorrow inishallah,the 28th July 2014, and its the day of thanksgiving and joy. It marks the end of the month of fasting, and it is when we feel happy and give thanks to Allah that He enabled us to obey His commands. We all fasted during the month of Ramadan, and by the end of the month, we realize that Allah’s commands are good for us; they aim at our well-being.

Eid Al-Fitr has a deep significance. Its spirit is marked by distinguished values and virtues:
1. Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude to Allah
2. Experiencing joy and rejoice
3. Receiving the great reward of obeying Allah
4. Maintaining ties of kinship
5. Taking care of the poor and the needy

On point 5, as we communicated earlier on, we are giving sadaq to the poor and needy as UMBS at the end of this Ramandhan. As such, we have organised with the Imam of the mosque at Lweza, Kajjansi(Entebbe Road) to see that Sadaq is given to the poor on Eid day inishallah. Instead of giving each person shs.5000 as we had suggested, we are going to give each person 1kg of rice. We were advised that some people may spend money in non-Islamic ways. We thank the few members who have contributed to this cause, allihamudulilah, by sending mobile money!

Although Almighty Allah commanded us to take care of the needy, the poor, and the orphans throughout the year, taking care of them during `Eid Al-Fitr and `Eid Al-Adha is given greater emphasis. Allah and His Prophet instructed us to fulfill the needs of the poor and the needy in both `Eids, so that they would not be in need of begging.

This is the spirit of `Eid Al-Fitr, so let’s always keep this spirit among us. Let’s strengthen our bonds with our Creator and with one another. Let’s be more united and more and more committed to righteousness as individuals, families, and communities.

The Prophet is reported to have said, “The one who repents of his or her sins shall be equal to the one who did not sin.” So, seek Allah’s forgiveness and seek His favors and gifts.

Finally, here are some tips that can help us all keep the spirit of `Eid Al-Fitr:
1. Before you finish your i`tikaf (spiritual retreat in the mosque), greet all your brothers and sisters, saying “Happy `Eid” or “May Allah accept your good deeds and ours.”
2. Visit all your relatives and close friends, and call those who are living far away.
3. Take care of your family and your kids, and let them feel the happiness of `Eid.
4. Take part in `Eid celebrations to see your Muslim brothers and sisters.
5. Make du`aa’ for your Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere.
6. Try to celebrate the `Eid through permissible practices and keep away from unlawful ones.

May Allah accept our good deeds and grant us His forgiveness and mercy.

Your brother in Islam,

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza has advised Muslims in Uganda to watch out for the moon


The Director of Sharia Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza has advised Muslims in Uganda to watch out for the moon during the evening of Sunday 27th July 2014 since it will be the 29th day of the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Sheikh Kakooza said this today shortly after releasing a press statement for the end of the holy month Ramadhan, at UMSC headquarters – Old Kampala.

According to Sheikh Kakooza, if the moon is sighted on Sunday evening, Eid El-Fitri will be celebrated on Monday 28th July 2014.
He appealed to those who sight the moon to contact UMSC immediately at the following numbers: 0772409826, 0702409826 (Director of Sharia) or 0772525171 (Deputy Director of Sharia) and 0772409504 (Public Relations Officer)

“If the moon is not sighted on Sunday evening, Eid El-Firti will automatically be celebrated on Tuesday July 29th 2014” he said.
Shk. Kakooza congratulates all Muslims upon peacefully concluding the holy month of Ramadhan.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba
Public Relations Officer
Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.



Dear Bro, And Sisters
Asalam Alaikum its so sad i have learnt with profound dismay that our brother the head teacher of Lubiri ss Mr. Muggaga Ali Kasule is under investigation by the office of the IGG for allowing students to pray from school. actually the alleged case or crime committed is “Islamisation of the school” i think this country has gone to the dogs if the dogs have not come to this country. Now what do u expect of a Muslim head teacher in a school where there are Muslim students not to allow them to go for their prayers?

People with deeper voice I know Imam kasozi you are reading this please come up with a strong statement of this unfair treatment, don’t be surprised if our brother is given unfair transfer soon.

It all started when he was transferred to this school. Some people were rejecting him on basis that he might be a poor manager. When they were given his excellent performance at Gombe S.S, they had nothing to offer. So today they are using all possible means to have him out of a public school.

Remain yours

Br. Hamza Hamza Ssebunya

Are the ‘People of the Book’ the same as the Christians of Today?


Dr.Umar Ahmad Kasule

Dr.Umar Ahmad Kasule

Assalaamu alaikum once again.I want to inform forumists that the people of the book of the Prophet’s times are the same as the Christians and the followers of Judaism of today. The following verse is indeed just one of the conspicuous proofs:
“O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, nor say of Allah aught but the truth. The Messiah ‘Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah and His Word, (“Be!” – and he was) which He bestowed on Maryam (Mary) and a spirit (Ruh) created by Him; so believe in Allah and His Messengers. Say not: “Three (trinity)!” Cease! (it is) better for you. For Allah is (the only) One Ilah (God), Glory be to Him (Far Exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is All-Sufficient as a Disposer of affairs.”

For anybody to think that they were different and that they followed the correct bible or Injiil, they would be missing out on many other verses found in Surat Mariam where Allah tells Muhammad (PBUH) the story of Isah and Mariam and asks whether Isa told the Christians to warship him and his mother and then Isah replied in the negative.

If Amisa thinks the current bible was distorted by Paul and so the Qur’an is talking about a pre-Paul Bible then again that is a distortion of historical facts. Historical Paul live in pre-Qur’an period so it is the same book Allah is referring to when He calls the Christians people of the book. They are the ones whose food is legitimate for us to eat and their daughters legitimate for us to marry even when they don’t revert to Islam, because if they do then we are marrying Muslims.

So there should be not so much effort made to make sure that the Muslims are so different from the Christians beyond the proof is available from the Qur’an and Sunnah. The differences being: 1) the trinity, 2) the belief that Jesus died, (which also negates his resurrection, because if he didn’t die then question resurrection doesn’t arise); 3) the belief that he died for the sins of the Christians and 4) the belief that Jesus is son of God.

That is my submission for now.

Umar Ahmad Kasule (PhD)
UMBS member &
Assoc. Prof. at Islamic University in Uganda.

Laylatul Qadr (Shab e Qadr) The Most Important and Special Night


lailatul qadr
As we all know that Ramadan is the most important and special Islamic month in the whole year but do you know which is the most important night in whole year from Islamic point of view? Its Laylatul Qadr that comes in the last Ashra of Ramadan Ul Mubarak. Holy Quran says this night is better than a thousand months.

Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us to find Laylatul Qadr in odd nights of last Ashra of Ramadan 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th night. The Ajar of doing Worship and good deeds in this night is equal to worship of thousand months according to hadith.

Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us to do maximum worship in all odd nights of last Ashra but now a days most of Muslims only do it on 27th Night and some has even specified the only 27th night as Laylatul Qadr which is completely wrong.

In this night we should try to offer maximum nawafil, read quran, do dua and ask for forgiveness of Allah.

Now Buy Eid 2014 Animals Online From Home


Eid Animal
As we all know that Internet shopping is getting more popular day by day and now you can buy anything online sitting in your home. I have a good news for you that now even you can buy Animals for Eid through Internet which means you not need to go to Animal market then find the right animal and then bring it home. Please keep these sites for Idi Adhua too inishallah, and please keep me in your prayers!



10 Countries Which Have Largest Muslim Populations


The Fresh statistics tells us that now there more than 1.5 billions Muslims living in different part of the world. Islam is now fastest growing and most practiced religion in the world. in coming decades it will surpass the christian population in the world.The religion to which most people are converting is also Islam surprisingly even in countries like US, France and UK.

Indonesia – 205 million Muslims
Pakistan – 190 Million Muslims
India – 180 Million Muslims
Bangladesh – 150 Million Muslims
Egypt – 80 Million
Nigeria – 79 Million
Iran – 74 Million
Turkey – 75 Million
Algeria – 34 Million
Morocco – 33 Million Muslims

These are the top 10 Countries with most Muslim population. Most important Islamic country Saudi Arabia has over 25 million Muslims. among these countries the country which has the largest growing population is Pakistan and it is hoped that soon it will cross Indonesia to become country which most Muslim population.

99 Names of Allah SWT (Asma Al Husna)


Allah SWT is the founder of heavens and earths. According to Quran and Hadith there are 99 beautiful names of Allah which shows us his qualities. 99 Names of Allah are also known as Asma Al Husna. Following we are sharing these names of Allah SWT.

Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram

These are the 99 names of our Creator. Reciting them and remembering them is a great Virtue.



I think it’s OK to accept the invitation for Iftar from a non-Muslim, and the vice versa is true. I don’t see any harm in this at all as long as nobody is serving alcohol, pork, or doing anything unislamic on the occasion.

Iftar comes after observing fasting, and we all know that non-Muslims do not observe fasting, and that’s very clear. But if the Iftar invitation with non-Muslims is meant to strengthen the relation between Muslims and non-Muslims, I think it is permissible,………its more like community social development, but the professionals here can throw more light on this.

I’ve googled something here in Surat Ma’idah where Allah says, (This day are (all) good things made lawful for you. The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them.) (Al-Ma’idah 5: 5).

Let us also remember that our religion was spread by means of intermingling with non-Muslims. People cannot know how good something or someone is unless they get to know that ‘something’ or someone properly.

That’s why I believe that Muslims that invite non-Muslims for Iftar in their houses are on to something here, and it should be encouraged in every Ramandhan. We shouldnt wait for presidential Iftar invitations every year because the more its done, the more it becomes a turn off or something else. UMSC and other muslim organisations/ individuals should also organise Iftar and invite the non-Muslims especially the big politicians, LCs and village elders. It would be nice, for instance, to see a guy like president Museveni humbly sat down on a mat or carpet in my house waiting for his share of Iftar like anybody else, rather than the usual annual ‘LMCYIFEMI'(‘Let-Me-Call-you-an-idiot-For-Eating-My-Iftar- at-Statehouse’).

Nze bwendaba banange!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Women Performing I`tikaf


It goes without saying that the last 10 days of Ramadan are an opportunity for every Muslim to have his or her sins forgiven and to gain Allah’s mercy and great rewards. One of these days is Laylat Al-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months. It is a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to perform i`tikaf (spiritual retreat in the mosque) during the last third of Ramadan.

I`tikaf can only be done in the masjid according to the view of most scholars. Allah specifies the place for i`tikaf by saying, {but do not associate with your wives while you are in retreat (i`tikaf) in the mosques) (Al-Baqarah 2:187).

Women can make i`tikaf just as men can. It is reported that the Prophet’s wives, may Allah be pleased with him, carried on making i`tikaf even after the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had passed away. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Allah Almighty knows best.

Using Condom for Intimacy with Menstruating Wife


This is haram and not acceptable even with the use of condom. The verse in the Holy Quran is very clear; Allah says, “And they ask you, [O Prophet,] about menstruation. Say: It is a [cause for] harm. So withhold yourselves [from sexual intercourse] with women during menstruation and do not approach them [there] until they are cleansed.” (Al-Baqarah 2: 222)

The Prophet (peace be on him) said: “Do all that you wish except for intercourse.” Hadith by Imam Muslim.

For such clear narrations it will be haram.

Allah Almighty knows best.